Live Proxy and VPN Detection

Last Change: 6th June 2024, Version: 0.9.15

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This website can detect if your connection is using a Proxy or VPN. You can add Proxy and VPN detection to your own Website or App. After integrating the small JavaScript in your website, you will receive a callback with the detection status for every website visitor. Click on the button below in order to complete integration.

  • Proxy Score:
  • VPN Score:
  • Client Score:
Test Name Test Result Test Data
VPN Detection (Flow Latencies vs Ping Latencies)
VPN High Latencies
Proxy Traffic Detection AI (Tensorflow) [1] [2] [3]
Request Invalid URL Test
Latency Test
Flow Pattern Test
Net Resolving
WebRTC Test
TCP/IP Fingerprint Test
Datacenter IP Test
IP Timezone vs Browser Timezone Test
HTTP Proxy Headers Test